Reveal: Part 5

The master bedroom, ensuite and powder room are today's reveal. The original 1965 layout had 3 bedrooms and a main bath. When they added the 2nd floor in '79, they took the 3 rooms and used one for the stairs and combined the other two rooms into a large bedroom and closet. We decided to leave the master on the main floor and reconfigure the main bathroom and closet area into a powder room, ensuite and closet. 

Reveal: Part 4

Moving downstairs for today's's all about the stairs. One of the things we didn't notice when purchasing the house was how how short the stairs treads were and the lack of headroom in the stairway. After moving in we realized that the stairs would need to be replaced if we wanted to make this our long-term home.

Reveal: Part 2

Today's reveal is the second floor bathroom. It was one of the rooms that had a dramatic transformation. Fortunately is was the only room with wallpaper, unusual for a 50 year old house. The previous owners went all out with this wall paper, gold metallic butterflies. It also had matching brass fixtures...little did I know that brass was coming back.

Reveal: Part 1

Yes, it has been 6 months since my last update! It has been a busy 6 months. It did take a while to get all the finishings and decorating done. Taking on the management this renovation project meant that I had to put a number of work projects on hold which were waiting for me once we were settled in. Also, the pressure for the reveal pictures were off once Mom saw the place :)

Seeing the Finish Line

The end is in sight. We have had most of the finishing trades through, the contractors have "moved out", and I'm sleeping in my new bed. It was a very busy January and February to get to this point. Not only did we have a revolving door of trades, but Ian and I were both hands on for this part of the reno. Ian had all the walls, trim and doors to paint (rolling and spraying) and I had to build the cabinetry, install hardware, and supervise the mayhem. Not to mention all the cleaning, organizing and moving up from the basement.

Highs and Lows of Renos

I'm overdue for a blog update, mostly because I/we hit our reno wall. I got really cranky during the holidays which indicated I hit reno fatigue. I've noticed that it is a common occurrence in many renovation blogs I've run across. The postings and pictures stop as you are trying to hurry things up because you have had enough living in the chaos. Even though I knew it would happen, I thought I was more prepared to handle it. Nope, I said bad words, was not a nice wife, and shed some tears.

Ready for drywall

Pictures of electrical wire are not that interesting (so there aren't any), but it is proof that we are finally ready for drywall. The last few weeks have been all about getting ready for insulation, drywall and the mess that goes with it (yay, it's cold and snowing outside).

Windows, Stairs and Sea

We have made a lot of progress this month which means that there has been no time to blog. The window and door installers called the day before they were coming and we weren't quite ready with the back so they sent extra guys to help us out. The result was that we were able to get everything installed in a day, except the sliding door. Amazing what a crew of 9 can do.